Common Questions

How much does hair transplant take?

Hair transplant surgery period changes according to the number of the grafts that will be implanted but proximity it takes between 4 to 8 hours but breaks will be given to the patient during the operation as needed.


How many sessions needed to get the results that you expect?

Generally, one session is enough for hair transplant. But according to hair quality in the donor area and the mass of implantation area sessions number will be determined. If one session wasn’t enough it’s possible to implant after six months from the first operation.


Is the anesthesia will be applied in hair transplant surgery?

In the beginning, the anesthesia will be on the donor area then applying anesthesia on the front area (implantation area). Anesthesia with a pen will be applied without needle during the procedure after 30-60 seconds and when needles sting it fills like bee sting then the patient would not feel anything else.


How much is the success rate after the procedure?

After doing the procedure with a specialized medical crew and skilled hands and carefully listening and doing doctor’s instructions as possible as you can success rate will be very high.


Can I get a natural look after hair transplantation surgery?

After doing the right procedures during the operation and determining the thickness and growing direction of the graft we will get natural hair look.


What are the used ways in hair transplant?

There are two different ways in hair transplantation

The first FUT (follicular unit transplantation)

The second FUE (follicular unit extraction)


What is the most preferred way for hair transplant?

The most preferred and used way in hair transplantation is FUE (follicular unit extraction) because nowadays it is the most advanced technology also the improvement in this way such as.