ISTINYE UNIVERSITY hospital, which combine between the academic methodology and LIV concept of idealistic services

The method is coordinated about getting close to the patient by qualified specialists and employees with high experience and using advanced technologies in order to provide the perfect medical services

Istinye university hospital has been established in ESENYURT Istanbul in December under the auspices of the main company MLPCARE which own strongest medical brand MEDICAL PARK and VM MEDICAL PARK and LIV with 23 years experience in medical care

Istinye university hospital offers medical services covers education activities and scientific researchers besides too many departments of cardiology, general surgery, obstetrics, Pediatrics and all branches of plastic surgery

Istinye university hospital also known as LIV (Leading International Vision)

LIV hospital hosts the patients by Diagnosis manners and examined treatment techniques at the same time for the patients

Provided service under LIV concept in Istinye university hospital meet all the needs and expectations for the patients