30 May 2018

Hair Loss Reasons

Hair fall problem increases nowadays for men and women because there is many reasons for hair fall. Naturally, 50-150 hairs fall per day but when this […]
30 May 2018

Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss is one of the most common skin health problems. Hair loss reasons: Climatic changes, Iron deficiency, unhealthy food system, using some medicines and stress […]
30 May 2018

Hair Transplant With Plasma Assistance

Treatment with plasma is by sorting patient’s blood which is going to support of renewing and improve the scalp prone to hair loss. This process will […]
30 May 2018

Scars Hair Transplantation

Scars treatment is hair transplant by FUE technique in the hair areas which contains scars caused by wounds or burning and by this way restoring natural […]
30 May 2018

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow for the humans is the most important which specifies his looks and it’s the silent language for humans. Eye braw loss is the mast negatively […]
30 May 2018

Beard Transplant

Few years ago there wasn’t any treatment for beard hair fall but today by transplanting grafts any person can restore his previous outward appearance and it’s […]
22 May 2018

What is FUE

It means extracting grafts. the grafts will be extracted from the rear area of the head(donor area) and implant them one by one in baldness area […]