DHI Hair Transplant Technique

DHI hair transplantation is a hair transplantation application which is also known as the pen technique in the colloquial language. There are certain points that distinguish DHI hair transplantation technique from the other hair transplant techniques. In all hair transplantation techniques, hair follicles (grafts) are collected from the nape area between the two ears, which are identified as donor areas. The collected grafts are placed into the planned transplant area after opening the micro-channels. In the DHI pen technique, the collected grafts are placed into the needles that perform the transplant process without opening channels by means of an implanter tool. This process sequence is the most important point that distinguishes the DHI pen technique from the other techniques.

If we talk about the advantages of DHI hair transplantation technique;

One of the most remarkable advantages is that the area where the hair transplantation is planned to take place can be transplanted without shaving, while preserving the existing hair length.

When the operation is performed with DHI hair transplantation technique, after the collection of the grafts, micro channels are not opened which leads the way directly to the transplant process, thus minimizing the waiting period of the grafts in the open.  Besides, hair follicle loss is reduced during and after the transplant.

With the pens used in DHI hair transplantation technique, it is much easier to give the right angle and direction and the direction of the transplanted hair follicles can be determined more easily.

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