DHI (Direct Hair Implant) this technique is obviously different from FUE technique by extracting the grafts from the donor area and directly move them to implantation area by thin special needles without opening channels and this technique called Choi pen technique.

DHI technique requires long time for transplantation because the installation of the grafts will needs high accuracy. Also requires specialist and team with high quality and the undamaged implantation area will heal faster.

This technique is the same of FUE but the difference is no channels will be opened to put the grafts in.

This technique will be applied with local anesthesia on the donor area and extracting the grafts with special pen. When grafts are taken they will be audited, discriminated and prepared for implantation then using implanting pen to implant grafts. This grafts will be put on the special heads installed on the special pen. In the implantation grafts will be implanted and grafts will be put in the special heads at the same time. By this technique grafts waiting time will be reduced.

A few clinics could do this technique because it requires high quality and skilled hands to avoid any complications during and after the surgery.