Eyebrow Transplant


Eyebrow for the humans is the most important which specifies his looks and it’s the silent language for humans.

Eye braw loss is the mast negatively fluencies psychological status for person it also causes of losing self confidence that’s why lots of people make temporary solution by coloring eye braw or permanent makeup. Nowadays eye braw transplant is one of the easiest hair transplant procedures but for every eye braw it’s special features that’s why it’s different from hair transplant.

The operation will be done by FUE technique the most important point in eye braw transplant is matching between eyebrow shape with face lines of the person.

Very tiny needles must be used during the extraction and implanting.

During eye braw transplant the grafts must be single haired not more, some light redness will appear after the surgery.

The grafts fall after two weeks of the implantation and it will grow again permanently 4 months later.