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Hair Loss Reasons

Hair loss is becoming an increasing problem in men and women day by day. There can be several reasons behind hair loss. Average loss of hair between 50 and 100 strands per day is normal. If for any reason, the number of hairs falling exceeds this number specified here, you should consult a specialist. Because it is important to detect the cause of hair loss early.

Common Hair Loss Causes

Stress Induced Hair Loss

While the hair loss period during the hair growth period decreases due to the stress, the increase in the resting period causes the hair loss. The fact that a person who is experiencing a hair loss makes a big deal out of this phenomenon, the hair loss is induced and starts to increase. Stress is one of the major factors in this phase.

Hair loss as a side effect of drugs used

Chemotherapy is one of the first drugs to come to mind. Gynecological contraceptives, gout and thyroid medications, cholesterol and lipid lowering drugs, acne treatment and weight loss drugs can cause hair loss as a side effect. Once the drug use is completed, the hair follicles regenerate after a certain period of time and new hair starts to grow.


A balanced and healthy nourishment is also very important for hair. Hair begins to fall after a few months especially in individuals with protein deficiency. Therefore, in order to eliminate the protein deficiency in the body, it is necessary to consume plenty of protein such as fish, meat and eggs. Hypervitaminozis A and iron deficiency also affects hair loss significantly.

Physical Trauma

Even the slightest trauma that one can experience can cause hair loss. An incident of traffic accident, a serious illness caught or types of influenza can be shown as examples of trauma. Hair loss after trauma is called Telogen effluvium hair loss type. Hair loss occurs between three and six months after the trauma. During the healing phase after the trauma, the body repairs itself and new hair follicles begin to grow.


Hair loss during pregnancy and delivery is a very common phenomenon, too.   It is a type of hair loss which is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. In a few months after birth, the hair will begin to grow again.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

It is the most common form of hair loss today. Male pattern hair loss starts on the top of the head and gradually the front line disappears. The hair begins to thin and hair-bearing is seen around the temporal region. In this long process, hair remains on the back of the neck only. This situation affects the human psychology negatively.

Lately, the problem of hair loss has started to descend to puberty. As a result of the change in androgen hormone which is a testosterone hormone, male pattern hair loss is seen. It occurs when the male hormone, also called testosterone, is converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase. This transforming hormone sends signals to the existing hair and causes the hair to become shabby and fall. Early detection of this type of hair loss is very important. In early diagnosis, hair loss can be slowed or stopped. It appears in men at the rate of eight percent.


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