Hair Transplant


Hair is the most important physical element which anyone gives it much importance because it plays an essential role in improving the look and hair existence isn’t only influences external look it also influences positively or negatively on the psychological status. Hair fall problem is the most common problem that we face in our daily life.

The medicines or chemicals such as shampoo that we use and the genes of the family and unhealthy food are all reasons for grafts weakness and hair fall and this result negatively influences the psychological status and influences on man’s happiness for long years and after studies and researches by experts they found the solution for the problem of hair fall that nowadays hair fall isn’t a problem anymore but hair transplant changes from person to person that’s because the changes of density in the donor area with the change of the space and the volume of baldness area and with the changes of head’s shape and face feature makes hair transplant special for the person because it changes his The outward appearance  the reason of choosing the rear area of the head as donor area that is the grafts there featured with its strength and unable to fall.

FUE technique is the best technique for implanting the grafts with individual way protects the grafts from being broken and makes its installation easier and healthier in the new place.

Local anesthesia will be applied during the surgery of hair transplant the opening microchannels to install the grafts in implantation area after finishing from this procedure bandage will be put on the donor area after cleaning and disinfecting.