Hair Transplantation For Women


Hair loss of women as a problem is bigger than being a problem for men because women cares about their look more than men in this case may cause psychological issues or depression. Hair fall for women could happen in stages  and several reasons such as pregnancy, Postpartum stage , age or Menstruation.

One of hair fall types is the feminine type but if the fall was symmetric it could be stabilized by reducing density. But if hair fall location has been specified it will be easy to locate it and starting with the treatment. Implantation doesn’t different from men and women and FUE technique will be used for both of them. The extracted grafts which have been taken from the donor area to the implantation area one by one after opening special microchannels by using tools with special heads. The implanted hair will fall after 3 weeks of the operation then fallen hair will grow again after 3 – 4 months.