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What is Micro-Chanel Technique?

Referring to the newly developed techniques in hair transplantation, MED HAİR Clinic Hair Transplant expert Vedat Tosun said, “Many technical hair plantations can eventuate in successful results when done by experts. Percutaneous Premium Micro Channel Technique, which has been a very popular technique in the recent years, is the developed version of Micro motor and standard Percutaneous canal opening method used in FUE technique. It is also called the needle/implanter pen technique.

The most important factor behind why Percutaneous Premium Micro Channel technique is the most preferred one is that it reflects naturalness very well. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are drilled into the thinning or bolding area with the help of a special pen which has a special needle implanted in it. Pointing out that with this method arises a possibility to give a denser and hundred percent accurate direction all in the same depth, Tosun also added that the procedure is performed with local anesthesia like all other procedures. The anatomy of hair follicle differs from person to person. Therefore, special conical holes are made in the area where the transplantation will take place by giving special angles suitable with the size of the hair. In this way, the smooth and complete penetration of the hair into the holes is enabled during the transplant of the hairs. Thanks to this process, a natural appearance as well as dense hair come into existence after the transplant. This technique reduces the loss of grafts and provides 15 % more hair growth compared to other techniques.

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  • Onur Ozkan
    I am Onur Ozkan from Artvin, I searched the internet and found Medhair Clinic. I would like to thank Mr. Vedat Tosun. They told me all the information I needed and I chose Medhair Clinic because I thought it was an affordable price. Now when I write this comment, it has been 6 months since the operation and thank goodness I am very pleased with everything and I recommend Vedat Tosun to everyone. I also shared a video with friends who wanted to see the result on Youtube.
    Onur Ozkan
    MedHair Clinic
  • Osman
    I'm Osman, I live in Istanbul. A friend of mine Vedat Tosun'da operation after being satisfied and I reached him and I wanted to have hair transplantation for my baldness in the front. Now, thank God, after about 6 months, everything is good and I am very happy with the result. I would recommend MedHair Clinic to everyone.
    MedHair Clinic
  • Sinan Selcuk
    Everything was perfect, the attention and smiling face was flawless. Vedat Hoca and MedHair Clinic team carefully followed my hair transplantation process and controls I wanted to share my satisfaction Many thanks to MedHair Clinic family.
    Sinan Selcuk
    MedHair Clinic




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