Micro FUE Technique


FUE technique is updated FUE which distinguished by doing it with high accurate and high precisely. The difference between micro FUE and updated FUE is the head of the pen.

In micro FUE the grafts will be taken by micro motors and tiny pen heads which its diameter is 0.8 mm but FUE technique could be done by using thick pens.

The twin and treble grafts will be taken from the donor area and will be divided and counted one by one. when the grafts are taken by pens with tiny heads the wounds and scars will be more less.

That’s why healing will be faster than FUE technique.

Operation will be done by local antistatic and the grafts will be taken from the rear side of the head according to the need of transplantation by tiny head pens.

Then channels will be opened in the implantation area by using tiny sharp drilling machine with specific diameter then the grafts will be implanted in the opened channels by using special tiny tongs. By using those sharp tiny equipments wounds will be less in implantation area and recovering will be faster.