Mission – Vision


Our aim is to meet the expectations of our patients after the operation in a professional manner and to become an internationally preferred and recommended pioneer Hair Transplant Clinic in the hair transplantation sector where they can entrust themselves to the professional hands of our Clinic blindfolded.

To carry out the operations of our patients by making use of the cutting-edge technology by following technology developed in the field of Hair Transplantation

To increase the quality of work and life of our customers by analyzing the patient expectations and goals accurately and by ensuring the continuity of our quality and reliable service.


To become an international Hair Transplant Clinic that is grounded on quality, reliability and most importantly the patient satisfaction as an expert MedHair Clinic team specialized in the field of Hair Transplantation.

We are a clinic that can enable our patients with hair problems to feel special, offer tailor-made solutions and also provide the necessary help and protection after the treatment as well.

As MedHair Clinic, we always take care of our patients in a friendly, respectful and affectionate manner. Their happiness is our happiness.