Patient Reviews

Sinan Selcuk

MedHair Clinic

Everything was perfect, the attention and smiling face was flawless. Vedat Hoca and MedHair Clinic team carefully followed my hair transplantation process and controls I wanted to share my satisfaction Many thanks to MedHair Clinic family.


MedHair Clinic

I'm Osman, I live in Istanbul. A friend of mine Vedat Tosun'da operation after being satisfied and I reached him and I wanted to have hair transplantation for my baldness in the front. Now, thank God, after about 6 months, everything is good and I am very happy with the result. I would recommend MedHair Clinic to everyone.

Onur Ozkan

MedHair Clinic

I am Onur Ozkan from Artvin, I searched the internet and found Medhair Clinic. I would like to thank Mr. Vedat Tosun. They told me all the information I needed and I chose Medhair Clinic because I thought it was an affordable price. Now when I write this comment, it has been 6 months since the operation and thank goodness I am very pleased with everything and I recommend Vedat Tosun to everyone. I also shared a video with friends who wanted to see the result on Youtube.