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MedHair Clinic

MedHair Clinic provides services in hair loss treatment, especially hair transplantation, with its team with more than 10 years of experience. MedHair Clinic, which provides services with its expert team in the fields of beard and eyebrow transplantation, as well as hair transplantation; has always made it a goal to use the most advanced technology, quality and reliable health care in treatments.

MedHair Clinic, where more than 14.000 operations have been carried out since its establishment, has been founded by dermatologist Dr. Şirvan and hair transplant specialist Vedat TOSUN. There is more than one reason for you to receive your treatments at MedHair Clinic, which offers health services internationally and has been awarded extensively.

Hair Transplant

Today, hair loss is one of the most common problems. The problem of hair loss stemming from various reasons such as various drugs used.

Micro FUE Technique

Micro FUE technique is an advanced and more accurate technique of FUE technique.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplantation is a hair transplantation application which is also known as the pen technique in the colloquial language.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

This technique, also known as a new hair transplantation technique

Beard Transplant

Beard and mustache have been the most indispensable accessory of men

MedHair Clinic Hair Transplant Packages
Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
  • Sapphire FUE hair transplant (maximum number of grafts)
  • Needle-free local anesthesia (Extra)
  • Body hair transplant (Extra)
  • Mesotherapy treatment during and after the operation
  • Consultation before and after the operation
  • Professional team
  • Accommodation and Transportation
  • Blood tests
  • Pharmaceuticals and postoperative care products
  • 30-year warranty certificate
DHI Hair Transplant
  • DHI hair transplant (maximum number graft)
  • Needle-free local anesthesia (Extra)
  • Body hair transplant (Extra)
  • Mesotherapy treatment during and after the operation
  • Consultation before and after the operation
  • Professional team
  • Accommodation and Transportation
  • Blood tests
  • Pharmaceuticals and postoperative care products
  • 30-year warranty certificate
Sapphire FUE Beard Transplant
  • Sapphire FUE beard transplantation (maximum number of grafts)
  • Needle-free local anesthesia (Extra)
  • Body hair transplant (Extra)
  • Mesotherapy treatment during and after the operation
  • Consultation before and after the operation
  • Professional team
  • Accommodation and transportation
  • Blood tests
  • Pharmaceuticals and posoperative care products
  • 30-year warranty certificat
DHI Beard Transplant
  • DHI beard transplantation (maximum number of grafts)
  • Needle-free local anesthesia (Extra)
  • Body hair transplant (Extra)
  • Mesotherapy treatment during and after the operation
  • Consultation before and after the operation
  • Professional team
  • Accommodation and transportation
  • Blood tests
  • Pharmaceuticals and postoperative care products
  • 30-year warranty certificate
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Hair Transplant Turkey  – Hair Transplant Istanbul

Where and by whom can this operation be performed?

It is an aesthetic surgery performed under local anesthesia, in operating rooms, by plastic surgeons.

Is hair transplant dangerous?

There is no known harm of the operation as long as it is performed by experienced doctors, in appropriate operating room conditions, with appropriate surgical instruments.

Which skin care measures to take before hair transplantation?

If there is a scalp disease, it should be treated before the operation. Antibiotics should be used if there is acne. Excessive dandruff should be treated. If there are skin lesions that may be precancerous, they should be removed before the operation and sent for examination.

If a wig is used before hair transplantation, its use should be restricted 1-2 weeks before. If it is attached to the skin with an adhesive, this adhesive should be cleaned off the skin. Cosmetic products such as hair gel should not be used before the operation. If sprays that prevent hair loss such as minoxil are used, their use should be discontinued 1 week before the operation. Keep in mind that the hair will be cut in the clinic on the day of surgery.

Who can undergo a hair transplant?

As long as the donor area is sufficient, any person with hair loss can undergo a hair transplant. The FUE method is recommended for those who do not wish to have a horizontal scar across the donor area. The FUE technique is also recommended for those who had undergone FUT or FUE earlier. FUE is a suitable technique for those who currently have slight hair loss in the crown area or near the hairline. These people have a higher risk of balding in the future and may need a second or third operation.

Who should not undergo a hair transplant?

If there is any systemic disease that will constitute a contraindication to local anesthesia, the hair transplant should be performed after the disease is treated. It is not recommended for patients whose expectations are unrealistic and whose donor area is insufficient. Again, patients with skin diseases should not undergo a hair transplant until the disease has been treated. Before the procedure, B12, B6, and zinc levels should be normal.Thyroid diseases should be treated. Blood sugar levels should be at normal levels in diabetics. Psychological disorders such as trichotillomania, OCD, depression, and body dysmorphic disorder should be reported.

Should hair transplant be performed before complete hair loss?

Those whose front hairline or crown area have balded, but other areas have not, may be uncertain about undergoing hair transplant. As it is known, it is an aesthetic operation. The receding of the hairline or a gap in the crown area may cause discomfort. In such cases, it can be performed without waiting for the rest hair to fall out. It is possible to repeat the FUE method in the future. It is one of the most important advantages of the FUE technique. In other words, when the rest of the hair falls, a second operation can be performed without creating an unnatural appearance. The operation can be repeated over the years.

Can hair transplant be done without cutting the hair?

Generally, the hair in both the recipient area and the donor area has to be cut. The hair in the donor area, especially, has to be shortened in the FUE method.

How long does the hair transplant process take?

Under normal conditions, it takes an average of 6 to 8 hours.

Is it necessary to stay in the hospital after hair transplantation?

There is no need to stay in the hospital after the procedure, the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.

Will dressing be required after hair transplantation?

After the operation, the donor area is covered, and the recipient area is left open. This dressing is removed after an average of 2-3 days after the hair is washed.

What are the post-operative instructions after hair transplant?

The recipient area should be protected from all kinds of trauma. It is necessary to sleep on the back to prevent the edema that may occur. Due to the edema associated with the operation, the hairline can appear asymmetrical or far behind, when it is not. In fact, it will be possible to make such evaluations after 8 months. Driving home is not recommended.The patient can start using medications prescribed by the doctors at home. It is recommended to eat light meals after the operation. Smoking and alcohol use is not recommended for an average of 10 days after the operation.

What are the instructions to follow after the scabs fall off?

Turkish bath, pool, sauna, swimming, and strenuous sports are not recommended for an average of one and a half months. Smoking and alcohol must be restricted. The patient can use the shampoo that was used before the operation.

Will the transplanted hair fall out later?

The transplanted hair falls out 3-4 weeks after the operation. This is called shock loss. In fact, the hair follicles are transplanted. As the hair falls out, the hair roots remain under the skin and begin to grow hair. They start to appear after an average of 3 months. Not all come out at the same time. Hair growth continues for an average of 5 months, increasing in density and continues until the eighth month. Asymmetry and unproportional density in some areas can be noticed. Therefore, it will not be correct to evaluate the result in this period. An average of 8 months should be enough for the evaluation of the results. Between the first 8-12 months, the scars fad and increasing hair density is observed. During the period between the 8th month and the 12th month, a more natural appearance begins to appear. An average of one year are needed for the evaluation of the final appearance. Since the impanted hair follicles are not affected by the DHT hormone, there is no hair loss like male pattern baldness.

Will there be any redness after hair transplant?

There may be some redness as the scars heal. In non-sensitive skin, this redness is expected to disappear within 10 days. However, this redness may take longer in sensitive skin.

Hair Transplant In Turkey

Our team, with its strong conviction that health is always a priority, is at the service of our valued patients with its knowledge, expertise, and experience of more than twenty years.

Not only do we perform hair transplant operations, we also offer other treatments for hair loss. Eyebrow and beard transplantation are among many of the services we provide. Our skilled team serves our patients with our latest technological instruments and long years of knowledge and experience. Quality and safe service is one of our basic principles.

Our hospital has received more than fourteen thousand patients until today. The awards we received demonstrate our high quality and patient-oriented approach. This pride reminds us of our love of serving our patients and increases our sense of duty and responsibility.

Why Should You Choose Us?

At every phase, we demonstrate our patient-oriented approach and immaculate quality. In the first stage, we primariy diagnose our patients without any charge. As a result, the diagnosis is made and the patient is informed. Local anesthesia is applied in a way that does not cause any pain. Thanks to the extensive experience of our professional team and our advanced technology, we perform successful hair, beard, eyebrow transplantation and offer other hair loss treatments. We prioritize sterilisation and hygiene in our operations.

Our understanding of our responsibility towards our patients is not only limited to the hospital, we also follow up with our patients after their discharge date and provide them with the professional service and consultation they need.


What is Our Mission?

As the Medhairclinic family, we believe that our patients deserve the best. Therefore, we empathize with them with the confidence that they trust us.

We always take this trust into consideration and act accordingly. It is our mission to evaluate our patients’ needs and contructive criticism, with an awareness of our professional values. We primarily aim to make our country a leader in this industry and to expand the prevalence of our brand in Turkey.

We aim to become an exemplary hospital by increasing our service quality even more. Our doctor Vedat TOSUN and our experts take advantage of the latest technology, which improve the quality of our operation and save time, in order to achieve the best results.

What Shapes Our Vision?

Medhairclinic family always adopts the principle of providing the best customer service and highest quality.

It has set out with the aim of being a well-known and desired brand all over the world. We do not only aim to reach Turkish standards, we also try our best to provide services at an international level to our patients, with no regard to color, language, and belief. This is the philosophy in which we believe.

In addition to developing general solutions for our patients’ problems, we aim to increase satisfaction by approaching each patient separately with all the respect, kindness, and love. Our vision is based upon the fact that our patient’s happiness is our own happiness.

Hair loss is not caused by a single facor. It has many reasons, such as stress, unbalanced diet, genetic predisposition and medications. In addition, neglecting hair care is one of the factors that accelerate hair loss. In hair transplantation, the hair in the nape area is extracted. The next step is the planning, where a line is drawn in the recipient area where the hair collected is re-implanted. In our clinic, this procedure is done effortlessly and painlessly. Mustache and beard transplantation take a very short time. The beard and mustache gain a fuller and healthier appearance than before the transplantation. In eyebrow transplantation, since the eyebrow is a reflection of our facial expression, the transplantation is completed safely by transplanting the roots taken from the nape area to the eyebrow area very easily and without any side effects. While make-up only hides it, it is not a permanent solution.

What happens when a patient is unfit for hair transplantation?

In addition to these services, we also perform hair mesotherapy as a step to protect hair and prevent hair loss. With the scar treatment we apply to our patients, the traces that do not pass genetically such as burns and wounds that have occurred in the past in an accident, have a natural and healthy appearance thanks to the graft transplantation.

Our hair transplantation techniques

Many techniques are used in our center to increase satisfaction and efficiency. The techniques include DHI hair transplantation, percutaneous micro-channel technology, sapphire FUE, micro-FUE and painless hair transplantation.

The acclaim we receive from our patients, who express their satisfaction on both screens and microphones make us proud.

Head structure differs in everyone. Therefore, the design is also different. In addition to the head structure in hair transplantation, the age, gender, facial features of the person, and the large area required for transplantation are also important. Approximately two weeks after hair transplantation, the transplanted part should be protected from physical trauma and sunlight.

Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Hair loss is one of the problems that men experience today. Hair loss starts at a young age due to problems such as using chemical shampoos, neglecting your, and not removing the products on the hair well. Other causes of hair loss include waste gases in the air, lack of regular hair cleaning and genetic reasons.

Hair loss at a young age is due to stress and illness. However, medical technological developments are used to restore the hair in a short time. Hair transplantation performed by Hair Transplant Specialist Vedat Tosun is available in Istanbul. And it is offered to people from all over the world. 

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

It is simply a surgery performed by extracting hair from the donor area and implanting it to the balding areas. These surgeries should be done professionally. Otherwise, it may cause problems. Hair follicles are extracted with the help of a micro motor under local anesthesia.

The operations performed on thousands of hair roots include laborious and demanding procedures. This procedure only succeeds when performed by a professional. Hair transplantation performed by Vedat Tosun is performed by professional equipment, with the help of a professional team. 

Which Techniques Are Used During Hair Transplantation? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

Hair Transplant Turkey The most suitable technique is determined during the examination. Among the techniques used, the best methods for people are procedures performed with local anesthesia. Local anesthesia prevents the sensation of pain during and after surgery. After local anesthesia, hair transplantation is performed with the help of a micro motor.

The micromotors used during hair transplantation vary. These varieties differ in the Sapphire Technique and the DHI Technique. The techniques are chosen according to the head structure by Vedat Tosun, a Hair Transplant Specialist at Istinye Hospital in Istanbul.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Dangerous? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

Every surgery performed in the medical field is dangerous in itself. It is necessary to get support from health facilities that provide professional services in the field of hair transplantation. That’s why there are dozens of facilities for hair transplantation in Istanbul. It is necessary to choose hospitals that have expert staff. 

Hair transplant operations are generally performed most often in our hospital. Although our head is protected by a skull, hair transplant surgeries not performed by specialists may have some risks. Our professinal team performs hair transplant surgeries in Istanbul. Hair transplant surgeries performed with a professional yeals great results without any problems. 

Which Services Does Hair Transplant In Istanbul Include? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

People who need to undergo hair transplant can make an appointment at www.medhairclinic.com and recieve an evaluation free of charge. Hair follicles are taken from parts such as the nape using local anesthesia. It is also important that the hospital where the hair transplant surgery will be performed is fully equipped. Most importantly, the services must be performed by a professional team with advanced technological tools. 

For more than 20 years, hair transplant has been demonstrating great results. People who come from our country and the world to undergo hair transplant could finally find a permanent solution. In addition, the guarantee of hair transplant operations is provided by the hospital. This guarantees a smooth process and high quality service. 

What precautions Should Be Taken? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

The nature of the scalp skin and hair differs in different people. Therefore, postoperative instructions provided by the doctor should be followed. Otherwise, the operation will not be successful.

Hair should not be washed for a certain period of time after hair transplantation. In addition, a hat should not be worn for a certain period of time. Since there is a possibility of infection, patients should avoid places with air pollution and heavy work. Patients should try to avoid tiring feelings such as nervousness, stress and anxiety. Most importantly, smoking should be avoided.

How Long Does Hair Start To Grow After Hair Transplantation? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

People who undergo hair transplantation generally think that their hair will grow out immediately. However, hair regrowth is a process that requires patience and effort. It is observed that the number of hair follicles increases in the head after hair transplantation surgery. It takes time for this hair to mature and strengthen with the nutrients taken. In addition, because the hair follicles are exposed, the damage slows down the hair growth process. Taking care of  the hair regularly will cause a noticeable growth of the hair after a few months.

Following the hair transplantation, the recommendations given by Vedat Tosun will facilitate hair growth. After the necessary check-ups, the use of the recommended shampoo for hair is necessary. Hair grows in a healthy way in hair follicles that are kept clean with the right shampoo and products.

Hair Transplant Center (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

You can find answers to questions such as what is a hair transplant center and what to expect and how patients’ needs should be met in the information above. We strongly recommend that you be careful when choosing a hair transplant center. 

Hair transplantation is a surgical method of hair restoration. Modern hair transplant surgery offers natural and undetectable results. It is an excellent treatment option for male and female pattern hair loss. Patients undergoing hair transplantation are encouraged to use medical treatment to help preserve the results and prevent hair loss.

Hair transplant could be performed anywhere in Istanbul, but it is always important to choose specialist doctors. Hair transplant specialist doctor Vedat Tosun takes pleasure to assist you.

Hair Transplant Methods

Follicular unit hair transplantation is the gold standard method of hair transplantation, as it preserves the natural appearance of the hair units and gives natural results.

Mini-micro grafting is a method of hair transplantation. Hair grafts of different structure are randomly selected under a magnifying glass. Mini grafts consist of 4-5-6 hairs, micro grafts consist of 1-3 hairs .

Hair transplant services can be provided in the following areas:


  • Hospital surgery centers
  • Outpatient Treatment


Hair Transplant Center Facility  Requirements

It is a non-invasive surgery that can be performed in a hair transplant operation room. The operation room must have a floor area of at least eleven square meters. It should contain the treatment chair and hair transplant equipment. The operation room should be equipped, in case of incorrect application or doses of local anesthesia, allergic reactions, irritation of the postoperative areas. Preferably, there should be one treatment chair per room in the hair transplant center. 

In the case of multiple processing chairs placed in a room, the processing chairs will be surrounded by cell walls for privacy, with a minimum floor area of nine square meters. The operating room should be equipped with medication and equipment to handle clinical emergencies.

Professional Requirements

Physicians face many challenges to achieve the necessary experience and skills to perform hair transplant surgery. It is very important for physicians who perform hair transplantation opertations to receive appropriate training.

Physicians must have specialized training and they must have acquired a certain minimum level of skills to safely perform hair transplant services, identify and treat complications and side effects. 

The following doctors can perform hair transplant operations:

  • Plastic Surgeons with a valid DHA license and those with two years of experience in hair transplantation.


Certification for hair transplant:

  • American Board of Hair Transplant Surgery.
  • International Society of Hair Transplant Surgery (ISHRS).

Patient Criteria

Anyone with a sufficient donor area, good general health and reasonable expectations of hair can undergo hair transplantation. Caution should be taken in very young patients who are still developing early alopecia and patients with significant systemic health problems.

Patient care

Hair transplantation center should be aware of the following points after the procedure.  The hair transplant center will provide a comfortable care environment for the service that focuses on patient safety and privacy.

  • The hair transplant center should meet the needs of patients from different cultures and languages. This may include, but is not limited to, providing information brochures in several languages and providing accessible interpreters as needed.
  • The hair transplant center should maintain a documented policy for vaccination and arrange Hepatitis “B” vaccination for all healthcare professionals performing the hair transplant service.
  • Most patients will need medical treatment, as the hair loss process is progressive and can affect existing hair.
  • Follow-up consultations to ensure the outcome of the procedure.


Infection Control

When healthcare professionals who provide hair transplant services within the hair transplant center comply with infection and safety measures, the risk of infection to patients and healthcare professionals is greatly reduced.

Infection control measures must be used to prevent or reduce the potential for disease transmission in the healthcare facilities, including but not limited to the following:


– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),

-Sterilization and disinfection of patient care items.

– Environmental infection control.

– Medical Waste Management.


Patient Consent

The hair transplant center should pay importance to patient consent and act in accordance with the following points:

  • Before the interventions, the patient must be informed about the treatment by the treating physician and the patient’s approval must be taken.
  • The treating physician should not delegate this responsibility.
  • It must be signed by the patient, listing details about the procedure and possible benefits, risks, and complications.
  • Any documents should be kept in the patient’s medical records.
  • Hair transplant professionals should give the patient the necessary time and information to make a voluntary and informed decision about whether to continue the intervention or not.
  • Appropriate laboratory tests and examinations should be performed before transplantation.
  • The patient should be given complete information about the hair growth expected after transplantation.


Patient Management

After the procedures performed in the hair transplant center, after-care is also of great importance.

Hair transplant specialists should advise the patient to avoid products that are used to thicken the hair or that stain the scalp before the procedure. Because it takes a few days for the scalp to be completely washed.

It is necessary to develop a maintenance plan. Hair transplant professionals monitor and record the progress in the care plan and modify it accordingly if necessary. Hair Transplant Specialists should evaluate and interpret risk indicators, and communicate potential risks and benefits to patients.

Hair transplant specialists must deal appropriately with sudden deterioration in the patient’s physical or psychological condition or in emergencies. Hair Transplant Specialists should recognize the psychological needs of the patient. They should have a clear understanding of the ways to provide emotional and psychological support, making referrals to other specialists when needed.

Hair Transplant Clinic (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

As a hair transplant clinic, we carry out hair transplantation procedures under the leadership of Vedat Tosun. Every day, hundreds of people who would like to undergo hair transplant reach out to our clinic.

One of the most important reasons why our cinic is preferred among those people is our understanding of customer satisfaction.

As a hair transplant clinic, one of the most important goals is to make our patients satisfied. In order to achieve this, we promise a success rate of nearly 100 percent in the hair transplant process, as well as commit to perform the hair transplant procedures at the most affordable price.

How Does Hair Transplant Process Start and End? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

The treatment and preparation services we provide along with the hair transplant procedures we perform as a hair transplant clinic are among the most important reasons for our patients to choose our clinic.

After our patients come to our clinic, they are welcomed by our clinical staff with an advanced level of care and receive all the necessary details.

After the necessary information is given to our customer about the hair transplantation method to be performed, necessary examinations are carried out with the participation of our hair transplant specialist Vedat Tosun, in order to determine the transplantation area and calculate the hair follicles to be transplanted.

After the number of the hair follicle to be transplanted is determined, our patient is directed to the invoice service in order to pay the hair transplantation fee previously stated  to our customer. Our patients can make their payments in cash or credit card, according to the agreement conditions previously discussed.

Taking our patient to the clinic where hair transplantation will be performed (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

After the patient arrives and the payment is made, the hair in the donor area is shaved.

After the preparation are ready, our patients are given a surgical apron that allows them to move comfortably during the long hair transplantation. 

After our patients are dressed in aprons, the final preparation phase is also completed. Now, after this stage, our team will move to the department where our customer is located and begin to extract the hair follicles from the donor area to be used in hair transplantation .

Extraction of Hair Roots and Opening Micro-channels (Hair Transplantation Istanbul)

The process of extracting hair follicles, which is one of the most important and last stages of the hair transplantation process, is perhaps the second longest process of the hair transplantation process. The reason is that the determined number of hair follicles must be extracted continuously and rapidly.

With the beginning of the extraction of the hair follicles, the micro-channels opened for the implantation of the hair follicles are only open for a short time. If the hair follicles taken quickly are not transplanted into the micro-channels, these micro-channels will have to be reopened as the incisions will be closed.

This will mean a painful and longer transplant session for the patient, as well as a waste of work and time for our clinic. For this reason, the process of removing the hair follicles, which is started quickly, and the process of opening the holes where the hair follicles will be transplanted are carried out simultaneously. The hair transplantation process, which can take a long time, is completed by transplanting the roots taken into individual micro-channels.

Due to the long hair transplantation process, it may be possible to take a meal break in between. After these short breaks, the hair transplantation process continues.

What is the Process After Hair Transplantation? (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

After the hair transplantation process is completed, thanks to the FUE technique, no pain is felt. Until the effect of the local anesthesia applied to prevent pain during the procedure wears off, all the pain you may experience due to the transplantation process will almost completely disappear.

When the anesthesia wears off, you will not feel any pain. It could take approximately 15 days for the liquids injected inside the skin to disappear.

Although you will not experience any pain due to the injected liquid in this process, you may feel the skin of your head swollen. However, at the end of the 15-day period, this liquid will completely disappear.

The Importance of the First 15 Days After Hair Transplantation (Hair Transplant Istanbul)

During the first 15-day period, there will be some improvements noticed. The beginning of these is the loss of the transplanted hair. Some patients do not experience this initial shedding.

This hair, which will grow again, sheds because it undergoes a natural biological process. When your transplanted hair is shed, it will regrow in approximately 6 months from the root that has been implanted. This period can be  3 months for some of our patients.

In the first 15 days after hair transplantation, great attention should be paid to the transplanted area. In the case of trauma to the recipient area, the hair in the transplanted area may come out ith its roots as a result of external impact. This may mean that no hair grows in that area.