After Hair Transplantation Operation

After Hair Transplantation Operation

Immediately after the operation:

On days 11 and 12 after FUE hair transplantation, apply lotion to the transplanted area at night and wait until morning. In the morning, wash the corresponding area only with water from back to top or with circular movements with the fingertips. Do not use fingernails during this application. Clean the shells with your fingertips. Spilled crusts are dead skin. Do not be nervous. There is no harm to your transplanted hair.

From day 13 after the FUE hair transplant, you can switch to normal shampooing. Perform your daily shampooing with the shampoo product we recommend.

One month after the hair transplant, the part considered risky is over. Now you can start using a towel and return to your normal life.

Reminder: it is very important that you follow the washing instructions for the first 2 weeks. Once this period is completed, we want you to take a picture of your head from different angles and send it to us.

Immediately after the operation – first night:

After the hair transplant, we apply a bandage on the area used as a donor. You should also wear a forehead band to prevent swelling in the area after the operation.

Small scabs and mild redness may appear in the donor area, along with the area where we transplanted the hair. The crusting and redness will disappear within 10 to 15 days.

It is very normal to feel swelling, itching and mild soreness in the area after surgery. Cold compresses, emollient lotion products and pain relievers can be used as recommended by your physician.

Complications that may occur in the postoperative area are as follows:

Swelling: It is normal to see swelling around the face and eyes a few days after the hair transplant operation. The application of ice or the use of the bandage you were given will be the best solution until the swelling in these areas subsides. Since the swelling discomfort disappears on its own after 5 to 7 days, no medication is necessary.

Itching: A significant proportion of patients begin to feel itching 2-3 days after surgery. This complaint is seen as a sign of improvement. You should not scratch the transplanted area. Itching may persist for several days.

Burning sensation: you may see a burning sensation in the donor area 2-4 days after the hair transplant. For the burning sensation in the donor area, you can wait for it to be absorbed by applying the moisturizing lotion recommended by your doctor 3-4 times a day.

1st day after hair transplantation

After the first day of surgery, we performed bandaging and PRP therapy.

We recommend that you wear the bandage you were given for 2-3 days afterwards so that you do not have swelling.

2nd day after hair transplantation

You should start washing your hair by paying attention to the steps indicated with the lotion and shampoo after hair transplantation recommended by your doctor. In this process, hair washing processes are effective in healing the scalp and eliminating complaints of crusting.

5-7 days after hair transplantation

5-7 days after the operation, your transplanted hair becomes stronger. Also, your hair no longer moves when you touch it. However, you should not damage the transplanted area and you should not scratch the area. Itching that starts during this period is a sign of recovery and you do not need to take any action.

15-30 days after hair transplantation

When 15 to 20 days pass after the hair transplant, your appearance will return to its previous state. In other words, the difference between the hair we transplanted and your hair disappears. Therefore, you cannot understand from the outside in any way that you have a hair transplant.

1-3 months after hair transplantation

During this period, you may experience shock loss. Shock loss is the sudden loss of hair in the transplanted area. After this stage, the growth process of the transplanted hair is observed.

4-5 months after hair transplantation

After 4 months of hair transplantation, the growth period is accelerated. After 5-6 months, your hair will have 50% of the result you desire.

6 to 12 months after hair transplantation

Your transplanted hair still continues to grow at full speed. You will also feel your hair strands start to become stronger and thicker.

12-18 months after hair transplantation

You must wait up to 18 months to get the final result of the hair transplant operations. You can see all your hair in the transplanted area.

Don’t forget that at the end of 18 months you have dense, thick, strong and long hair.

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