Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey is the most common cosmetic surgery in the world. The most important reason for this situation is that  hair loss is very common. Especially for men, hair loss often inevitably results in baldness and hair transplantation is the only way to say goodbye to baldness permanently.

The fact that it is included in the group of low-risk operations is another reason for this intense interest in hair transplantation. There is no need to stay in the hospital after the operation and the patient can return to normal life within one or two days. Hair transplant surgery is an application of cosmetic microsurgery with high applicability and a fast recovery process.

The impressive results obtained in recent years are the most important reason for the rapid increase in interest in hair transplantation. Celebrities who have undergone hair transplants, with hair transplant results indistinguishable from natural hair, are a source of inspiration for men and women who have lost their hair but postpone their dreams for fear of hair loss.

As developing technology and techniques make it possible to achieve natural results in hair transplantation, the demand for hair transplantation is increasing. Each successful process, the change in before and after hair transplant photos must have encouraged those who want to undergo hair transplantation, as hair transplantation has created its popularity today.


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What is Hair Transplant Turkey?

Hair transplant turkey can be summarized as hair follicle transplantation. The person’s own hair follicles are transplanted into the bald area and, after some time, the new hair that grows from these roots will permanently cure the baldness.

The roots used in hair transplantation are taken from the nape of the neck, which we call the donor area. In male pattern hair loss, which is a common type of hair loss, the top of the head becomes bald at different rates, while the hair between the two ears does not fall back. This tone is called the donor area in hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation has been developed, male pattern hair loss within a permanent solution and the oldest known application of planting is based on very old. The method starting with skin transplantation evolved over a hundred years to the transplantation of individual hair follicles.

The FUE hair transplantation technique, which is the basic method in hair transplantation worldwide today, developed rapidly after the first trials carried out in the early 2000s.

Hair transplant surgery is the general name for micro-aesthetic surgery applications performed under local anesthesia in a hospital setting to provide a permanent solution to hair loss.

What is hair transplantation
How is the hair transplant performed?

How is the hair transplant performed?

Hair transplantation begins with an online consultation. Once it is decided that the patient is suitable for hair transplantation, an appointment for the operation is scheduled. After a detailed examination, the hair transplant is planned.

At this stage, it is determined which of the latest techniques, FUE, FUE with sapphire and DHI, will be used, and the hair follicles are harvested one by one from the donor area and transplanted to the recipient area one by one, with the operation taking an average of 8 hours.

Advantages of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is an important investment that you will make on your own and it brings many advantages at the same time.

Many patients who regain their new hair after the hair transplantation operation use the phrase “I wish I had done it sooner”. The negative effects of the distress experienced by hair loss in people are revealed and expressed more clearly after hair transplantation, i.e. when baldness is left behind.

  • Hair transplantation provides a permanent solution to hair loss.
  • Hair follicles belonging to it are used in hair transplantation.
  • Hair transplantation is an operation that can be repeated a second or even a third time. It gives the possibility to restore the mistakes, to reconstruct the image over the years.
  • It is possible to shape and color your hair, as it is natural hair.
  • You can use your own natural hair as you wish, either lengthening or cutting it.

The socio-psychological advantages of hair transplantation begin to be felt more clearly when you start to recover the economic and moral losses you have suffered in your social and business life due to hair loss, thanks to the renewed self-confidence after hair transplantation:

  • Hair transplantation aesthetically restores a person’s appearance and creates a more attractive image.
  • Social isolation due to baldness is replaced by a sympathetic social profile.
  • Men or women who make peace with their mirror image radiate more positive energy.
  • After hair transplantation, people’s psychological and therefore social wellbeing is significantly alleviated in both social and business life.
  • The advantage of being satisfied with yourself and other conditions contributes to your success in many issues.

Let’s add to all these advantages the advantages of hair transplant Turkey. If you are going to undergo a hair transplant, your choice should be Turkey, which is the most successful hair transplant country in the world.

Advantages of hair transplantation

The Advantages of Hair Transplant Turkey

  • Turkey is the world pioneer in hair transplantation.
  • Hair transplant prices in Turkey are one third of those in Europe.
  • Hair transplant in Turkey is performed with high quality standards.
  • For the most natural hair transplant results, it is obtained with hair transplant operations performed in Turkey.
  • Turkey is the country with the highest patient satisfaction in hair transplantation.
  • The latest techniques are used in hair transplantation in Turkey.
  • With patient support for 1 year after the operation, the post hair transplant process is closely followed in Turkey.

If you are planning to undergo a hair transplant, you can contact Medhair Clinic without wasting time. After taking the first step, you will see that every hair transplant is a very pleasant process.

Risks of hair transplantation

Is hair transplantation risky? This is one of the important questions that everyone planning to undergo surgery should ask themselves, their doctor or the specialists in the field they will be receiving service from.

Hair transplantation, like other surgical operations, carries certain risks. The body sees any incision made during surgical operations as an attack, and healing is a powerful response to that attack.

In hair transplant operations thousands of very small incisions are made. Bleeding is very low. Local anesthesia is applied. Although all of these place hair transplantation in the category of low risk operations, hair transplantation does have some risks:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Drowsiness
  • Tingling
  • Loss of feeling

These are the possible risks that can be experienced after the hair transplant operation and most of them are temporary. Working with an experienced clinic makes hair transplant risks less likely.

Medhair Clinic stresses that we should be aware of these risks, but that a problem-free hair transplant operation is also possible after surgery.

An important criterion for success in hair transplantation is that hair transplantation operations are carried out with high standards of hygiene and quality by expert teams.

Hair Transplant Turkey Techniques

Hair transplant techniques are basically based on the FUE hair transplant technique. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the method of extracting the hair follicle from its place as an independent structure without damaging its structure and transplanting it to another place.

Over the years, FUE has continued to develop within itself and has paved the way for the emergence of two advanced techniques such as FUE with sapphire and DHI.

When it comes to hair transplantation, one of the most important topics is hair transplantation techniques. So how exactly do these techniques work, what is the difference between them, what is the best hair transplant technique?

Hair Transplant Turkey Techniques
FUE hair transplant

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

The scar in hair transplantation disappears after the development of the FUE technique. FUE is developed thanks to the discovery that hair follicles are independent units. Today, it has been possible to obtain natural results in hair transplantation with the FUE hair transplantation technique.

What is FUE?

FUE, which is the universal abbreviation for follicular unit extraction, is the basic method in hair transplantation. Classic FUE, robotic FUE, FUE with sapphire, DHI, which is a type of FUE done with Choi Pen, are versions of FUE hair transplantation using different tools.

How is FUE done?

FUE begins with harvesting hair follicles one by one from the donor area after the scalp is anesthetized according to the hair transplant planning. Once the canals are opened in the area to be transplanted, the hair follicles collected from the donor area are planted in the open canals so that a certain angle and organic distribution is obtained.

Stages of FUE hair transplantation

The success of hair transplantation is intimately related to the execution of the application stages with the same care and attention, no matter what technique is used, and hair transplant surgery is a complete process work.

FUE hair transplantation is performed in four basic stages:

  • Planning
  • Collection of hair follicles
  • Channel opening
  • Hair follicle transplantation

After planning, the hair transplant surgery with the FUE technique lasts approximately 8 hours. The duration of the operation and all other details are shared with the patient while the planning is being created.

Stages of FUE hair transplantation
Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation

  • FUE hair transplantation leaves no scars, it is a perfect application
  • Provides an opportunity for intensive hair transplantation.
  • With FUE hair transplantation, natural and aesthetic hair transplant results are obtained.
  • Successfully applied on all types of hair loss.
  • Since FUE hair transplantation does not damage the donor area, if applied with good planning, it reserves the possibility of a second hair transplant in the future, which is a great advantage for those undergoing hair transplantation at a young age.
  • FUE is a hair transplantation method suitable for patients of all ages.
  • Hair follicles transplanted with FUE hair transplantation retain up to 90%.
  • Hair follicles transplanted with FUE are permanent where transplanted.
  • The wound healing period is fast after FUE hair transplantation.
  • Pain is generally low after FUE hair transplantation.

After FUE hair transplantation

Once the hair transplant with the FUE technique is completed, it usually goes smoothly thanks to the medications given by the doctor against the possibility of pain and infection. The patient receives a short briefing on the sleeping position and is transported to the hotel to rest.

One day after the operation, wound care is performed and the hair follicles are examined. FUE can list the stages of the process after hair transplantation as follows:

First wash after FUE

In the first wash with special solutions by the nurse or hair transplant specialist, the patient is informed about the following process at the same time. Hair care after hair transplantation is performed with medical shampoos and solutions specially produced for hair transplantation.

Hair loss after FUE

Impact hair loss is the most important stage of the recovery period after hair transplant surgery. The first hairs that grow from the healing hair follicles fall out and stronger, more permanent hair begins to grow in their place.

When does hair grow after FUE hair transplantation?

After impact hair loss, permanent hair growth varies depending on the individual’s hair growth rate. To see definitive results after the hair transplant operation, it is necessary to leave at least 6 months behind.

1 year after FUE hair transplantation

The days are finally here when you have regained your hair significantly. When you hold your hand to your head, you can touch your hair and experience the happiness of combing your hair in front of the mirror.

FUE hair transplantation is best and intensively applied in Turkey and Istanbul. Those who come to Turkey for hair transplantation from all over the world recover their lost hair with FUE technique in Medhair Clinic, one of the experienced clinics in Istanbul.

After FUE hair transplantation

FUE Hair Transplant Prices

The fact that it has the lowest prices among hair transplant techniques is due to the fact that the cost of FUE is lower than FUE hair transplant with sapphire and DHI. FUE prices in Turkey are very budget friendly and include accommodation, transportation between the airport and the clinic.

What is FUE with sapphire?

What is FUE with sapphire?

The FUE technique with sapphire can be defined as the advanced version of the FUE technique, which works wonders in hair transplantation, using special instruments with sapphire tips.

Thanks to the sharp sapphire tips, open wounds during hair follicle harvesting cause much less deformation and hair transplantation is performed with finer workmanship. Sapphire tips allow hair transplantation at closer distances as they reduce the size of the incision. Therefore, the dream of stronger hair transplant results becomes a reality with sapphire FUE.

How does FUE with sapphire work?

FUE with sapphire is performed in the same way as classic FUE. The construction phases proceed similarly to FUE:

  • Planning
  • Collect hair follicles one by one with sapphire tips
  • Open the channels one by one in the receiving area with sapphire tips
  • Hair follicle transplantation

FUE with sapphire requires finer study and surgical skill compared to other methods. Experience becomes especially important when it comes to advanced methods such as FUE with sapphire. Having a hair transplant with the best hair transplant method does not mean that the best hair transplant results are guaranteed.

FUE with sapphire is a hair transplant technique that requires attention and high performance. The hair transplant operation with FUE with sapphire can take more than 8 hours.

How does FUE with sapphire work?
Advantages of FUE hair transplantation with sapphire

Advantages of FUE hair transplantation with sapphire

  • In the FUE technique with sapphire, tissue damage is minimized.
  • The risk of infection after FUE with sapphire is low.
  • The healing process is faster in the FUE technique with sapphire.
  • FUE with sapphire provides the opportunity to make the most of the harvested graft, as it allows for more frequent hair transplantation
  • Thanks to FUE with sapphire, it is possible to achieve frequent and natural hair transplant results.

Prices of FUE with Sapphire

Since sapphire tips are produced from a precious and expensive metal,

prices are higher than classic FUE prices. In addition, the cost of labor is an expensive hair transplantation technique. The prices of FUE with sapphire in Turkey are still low compared to Europe.

You can contact Medhair Clinic for FUE hair transplant with sapphire in Istanbul and get detailed pricing information.

After FUE hair transplantation with sapphire

Since the incisions in the sapphire FUE hair transplant technique are thinner and smaller, there is less bleeding after hair transplantation. The shallow wound depth significantly reduces postoperative pain and discomfort after FUE with sapphire. Apart from that, the process after FUE hair transplantation with sapphire proceeds similarly to classic FUE:

First wash / wound care after FUE with sapphire

one day after the operation, wound care is performed by hair transplant nurses or hair transplant specialists with specific solutions for hair transplantation. The transplanted hair follicles and the donor area are examined.

Shock loss after FUE with sapphire

after FUE hair transplantation with sapphire, there is an event called shock shedding, which is part of the hair transplantation process, for periods ranging from 1 to 3 months. The weak hair strands, which are the first to emerge from the transplanted hair follicles, are completely detached.

When will the hair grow after FUE with sapphire?

Since the healing process is faster, hair may grow a little earlier after FUE with sapphire. But it should not be forgotten that the rate of hair growth varies from person to person and even from season to season. After FUE with sapphire, your hair will grow at its own pace, depending on your hair growth rate after impact hair loss.

FUE with sapphire 1 year after hair transplantation

FUE with sapphire hair transplant is one of the most advanced techniques in hair transplantation and creates wonderful results in hair transplantation. Because it can be applied even on very weak strands of hair, extremely lush and natural hair is obtained. One year after FUE hair transplant surgery with sapphire, you will enjoy your own hair, which will stay with you forever.

After FUE hair transplantation with sapphire
What is DHI hair transplantation

What is Dhi hair transplantation?

In the Direct Hair Implantation Dhi hair transplant method, as in the FUE technique, hair follicles extracted one by one from the donor area are transplanted directly to the recipient area, unlike the FUE and FUE with sapphire techniques.

Dhi hair transplantation technique with Choi Pen implantation pen is also known as direct hair transplantation, no shave hair transplantation. Dhi hair transplantation in women has become very popular due to the no-shave application.

DHI, like FUE with sapphire, is a hair transplant technique based on the extraction of follicular units. Choi Pen is one of the advanced techniques that increases the alternatives and possibilities of solution in hair transplantation.

How is Dhi hair transplantation performed?

Dhi hair transplantation differs from the other two methods in terms of the application process. Anesthesia is applied to the entire head so that direct transplantation can be performed in the recipient area immediately after it is removed from the donor area.

In Dhi hair transplantation, the graft harvested from the donor site is transplanted directly to the hair-bearing site, without leaving it in the open air and without the need to open a channel in the recipient site beforehand.

To adapt to the different thicknesses of the hair follicles, several implantation nibs with Choi tips of different sizes are used during Dhi hair transplant surgery.

How is DHI hair transplantation performed?
Advantages of DHI hair transplantation

Advantages of Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey

  • In Dhi hair transplantation, hair follicles are transplanted to the recipient area shortly after their extraction, and the loss of hair follicles during the operation is minimal as the time to stay out is very short.
  • The wound healing process is faster after Dhi hair transplantation.
  • It is one of the hair transplant techniques with low risk of bleeding and infection.
  • No-shave hair transplantation is a very important advantage of the Dhi hair transplantation technique.
  • DHI is the most suitable method for hair transplantation restoration after hair transplantation.
  • DHI provides a great advantage in severe and low hair loss and early hair loss.

Disadvantages of DHI hair transplantation

  • It is one of the most expensive hair transplant techniques
  • Mastering the use of Choi Pen requires years of experienc
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Dhi hair transplantation technique is an aesthetically risky application that requires much more finesse.
  • The Dhi hair transplant operation may take longer than conventional FUE hair transplantation.

After DHI hair transplantation

Dhi hair transplantation is a comfortable application after the operation. Thanks to the pens of different thicknesses and Choi tips that are changed according to the diameter of each hair, the process is completed with as little scarring as possible.

The protocol applied after Dhi hair transplantation is the same as for other hair transplantation methods.

First wash/wound care after Dhi hair transplantation

Wound care and first wash are performed one to two days after the operation. The hair follicles are examined in the donor area and in the areas where hair transplantation is performed. If there are no problems, the patient is informed in detail about the ongoing process after the hair transplantation.

Shock after hair transplantation DHI

The loss of the first weak hair after hair follicle transplantation, prior to obtaining new hair, is referred to as excessive shedding in the hair transplantation literature. Shock shedding progresses in different processes in each patient. It can happen earlier or later. Remote support and advice is given to the patient on what to do during shock shedding.

When does hair grow after Dhi hair transplantation?

Before obtaining new hair after hair transplantation, the wound healing and shock shedding phases must be overcome. Both processes differ from person to person. Since wound healing is fast after Dhi hair transplantation, the time needed to regain new hair is partially shorter than with the classic FUE method.

1 year after Dhi hair transplantation

1 year after hair transplantation, the first hair that grows after impact hair loss becomes stronger and the hair transplant almost takes its final shape.

After DHI hair transplantation

Dhi Hair Transplant Prices

Dhi hair transplantation is an expensive hair transplantation technique compared to FUE hair transplantation. Both Choi Pen and tips and labor cost increase the price of Dhi hair transplantation.

Dhi Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Medhair Clinic’s experienced team, advanced technical facilities and high quality clinical environment make DHI hair transplantation in Istanbul an unforgettable experience.

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Hair Transplant Turkey Frequently Asked Questions
How can I choose the best clinic for my hair transplant in Turkey?
Among the many clinics located in Turkey there are a number of highly regarded clinics in Istanbul. You are advised to learn as much as you can about the care offered, the guarantee of care within a hospital or clinic, the transplant procedure itself, the hygienic and sterile environment associated with the operation, the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals and the type of experience professionals in hair transplantation industry have. You should also check online reviews by former patients to see which patient(s) are satisfied with which clinics.
Is Turkey the best choice for a hair transplant?
Turkey is truly the best choise on the planet for a hair transplant. There are other places where you can also get a high-quality hair transplant, but all of them are much more expensive. This is precisely why medical tourism in the country is booming at a very fast pace.
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