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Medhair Clinic, with its team of more than 10 years of experience, provides the best services in the treatment of hair loss , particularly hair transplantation.

Medhair Clinic, which provides services with its team of experts in the fields of beard and eyebrow transplantation and hair transplantation, has always aimed to use the most advanced technology, quality and reliable health service in all treatments.

Why you should choose us?

We demonstrate our patient-oriented approach and impeccable quality at every stage. In the first stage, we diagnose our patients for free. As a result, the diagnosis is made and the results are reported to the patient. Local anesthesia is applied without causing pain. Thanks to the vast experience of our team of professionals and our advanced technology, we successfully perform hair, beard and eyebrow transplants and offer other anti-hair loss treatments. We prioritize sterilization and hygiene in our operations.

Our mission

As a Medhair Clinic family, we believe that our patients deserve the best of everything. Therefore, we empathize with our patients with confidence. We always consider this trust and act accordingly. Aware of our professional values, it is our duty to evaluate the needs and constructive criticism of our patients. First of all, our aim is to bring our country to a leading position in this sector and increase the prevalence of our brand in Turkey. Our goal is to become an exemplary clinic by further increasing the quality of our service. Our team of experts use the latest technology, which improves our operational quality and saves time, to achieve the best results.

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