Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

Beard transplantation is a procedure that has begun to experience more demand in recent years. This is done by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the scalp to places where hair is sparse in the beard and moustache of the men.

Beard transplantation can be done in hairless areas that are this way due to genetics or trauma, burns, and infections. The beard is not like hair. Everybody has different density. Therefore, beard transplantation is done differently for everyone. This procedure is completed within a few hours under local anaesthesia. Patients can obtain natural-looking beards without feeling pain. In the planning for beard transplantation, the condition of the patient is evaluated and the hair roots collected from the nape region are separated and implanted to the beard region.

Many of the patients who undergo beard transplantation complain of the problem of sparse beards. Care is taken to ensure that the hormones of the patients have reached a certain level in order to perform the transplantation. Therefore, we can say that beard transplantation can be done from the age of 20-22. Apart from this, people who like the appearance of long beard may want to undergo a beard transplant to complete their missing and irregular beard. In other words, beard transplant is a feasible process for those who have no beard and those with a sparse beard.

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Beard for men is like an accessory on the face

The importance of beard for men makes it an integral part of their appearance. A man with a desirable beard is also happy with his life. However, this satisfaction is not always possible. Beards can become a major source of trouble for men when they are not at the desired density or when they never come out. In society, men are seen with beards, which affects the men’s approach towards their own beard.

There can be a variety of reasons behind this problem. The appearance of beards is related to male hormones. It could be caused by genetic factors, diseases, sometimes accidents, scars, etc. Even puberty acne can have an effect on this. This can become a considerable problem for men who care about their beard. Because in our society, beard is considered as an image symbolizing masculinity.

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Long beard styles, which has become widespread among young people in recent years, may also become impossible for those who have scarcity in their beards. This can lead to serious psychological distress in men. Normally, sparseness or gaps in the bears cause no health problems. In fact, this is an aesthetic concern. However, for those who make this a problem, it may be possible to experience mental problems. Here, beard transplant can be seen as a solution to this problem. This procedure offers permanent solutions to men with beard problems.

How is beard transplantation performed?

How is beard transplantation performed?

Similar to hair transplantation, the hair follicles taken from another area from the body during transplantation are transplanted to the problem area in the beard. Thanks to this aesthetic procedure, beard transplantation can be done in those who have no beards or those with a sparse beard.  

With the local anaesthesia administered during beard transplantation, the procedure is performed without any pain. Since FUE technique is used, beard transplantation is performed very comfortably. With this technique, follicles extracted from a more dense donor area are implanted in the beard area.

If there are only regional losses, the density of the beard around will be evaluated and a plan will be made. Around 1000-3000 hair follicles can be implanted by adjusting the limit and frequency according to each patient’s wishes. In a fully missing beard, 100 roots in his desired region, 400 roots in the chin and moustache area, a total of 1000 hair roots, can make a difference.

Things to consider when undergoing a beard transplantation

The hair follicles to be implanted should be suitable for the beard because the hair roots in the beard area are not similar to the hair. As the hairs are usually thinner, the follicles extracted should be suitable. Therefore, the hair roots to be extracted from the neck in the beard region are more preferred. With the hair follicles in this region, a natural appearance can be created. Also, the nape area is suitable for the extraction of the hair follicles required for beard transplantation. But the priority is always the neck area.

Hair roots to be used in beard transplantation should be single. In other words, the hair follicles to be taken from the neck should be separated and then implanted. This is because the natural hair follicles in the beard area are always single. The double, triple hair roots look very coarse on the beard.

Hair roots to be used in beard transplantation should be single. In other words, the hair follicles to be taken from the neck should be separated and then implanted. This is because the natural hair follicles in the beard area are always single. The double, triple hair roots look very coarse on the beard.

Things to consider when undergoing a beard transplantation

The colour distribution of the hair follicles taken in beard transplantation in the area to be transplanted is an important issue. It may be undesirable to transplant black hair follicles to a person with a grey beard or not to distribute black and grey hair follicles properly. Therefore, it is very important that the doctor who will perform the transplantation specialize in this field and apply their experience.

When the hair follicles are taken from the neck, they should be transplanted to the recipient area without waiting as the hair follicles taken are living tissue. If they are kept waiting, they lose their function because they become oxygen-free. This is especially important for people with limited hair roots in the donor area. Hair follicles need to be transplanted without loss. Beard transplantation is a procedure that requires knowledge and special experience. Considering this, those who want to under a beard transplantation must receive support from a specialist.

How the channels are opened in beard transplantation?

In beard transplantation, micro-channels need to be created for the implantation of hair roots. It is easier to ensure the correct angle by creating the micro-channels with a needle, instead of a blade. For this reason, it is more convenient to pierce with thin-tipped needles with a thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm. In this way, hair roots can be implanted at angles of 35-40 degrees, which are suitable for the beard.

Can beard transplantation be done in cases of burn marks?

Beard transplantation is not only done to those with a sparse beard or to people with no beard. In addition, it is an appropriate procedure for people who have regional losses due to problems such as burns, scars etc. Such a scar in the beard area can lead to aesthetic problems. It is more appropriate for people with these problems to undergo beard transplantation by going to a doctor who is an expert in the field and receiving the necessary examination.

People undergoing beard transplantation do not have any disturbingly obvious scars. The techniques and devices used during this process prevent wound formation. Just after the beard transplant, some temporary redness and scars may occur. These conditions may cause small crusts on the skin for a while. However, this disappears in a very short time. At this point, it is recommended that the patient pay attention to hygiene rules, consult his doctor for issues such as washing his face and shaving.

After beard transplantation, as in hair transplantation, hair loss occurs in the beard hair for about 2 weeks. Do not worry at this stage. Because the hair follicles are not damaged from this. Only the hairs implanted in the beard fall, but not the roots It takes 4-8 months for the beard to re-grow. During this period, the effect of beard transplantation become also noticeable and a natural-looking beard grows.

It is recommended by the experts that the patient does not touch or wash the beard area immediately after the beard transplantation. Also, apart from water, any cosmetic products such as perfumes and colognes should be avoided. This area should be kept dry and clean for 10 days. The small crusts formed on the skin will fall off spontaneously during the healing phase. Patients should also pay attention to their sleeping position for 1-2 days. A position should be adjusted to lie on the beard area without weight.

People should not cut their beards during the recovery period. In this period, the opinions of the doctor who transplanted the beard should be consulted. Care should be taken during the healing process when the hair follicles are planted in the beard area and they start growing. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, a smooth recovery can be achieved. Afterwards, a desirable beard can be achieved.

What are the prices of beard transplantation?

The number of hair grafts to be implanted in the region comes first among the factors determining the prices in beard transplantation. There is a correlation between the number of hair follicles and the prices. If the hair follicles extracted for transplantation is low, beard transplantation prices will also decrease. Pricing depends on the number of hair follicles to be implanted. Apart from this, the experience of the centre, specialist and team that will perform the beard transplantation will also determine the prices. However, the results are more important for patients than beard transplantation prices. The appearance of the beard after transplantation is important for the patients.

Among those who wish to undergo beard transplantation are those who are unable to grow a beard or those unsatisfied with the density of their beard. In these cases, it would be inevitable to undergo beard transplantation. Beard transplantation is a procedure that can be applied to cheeks, chin, sideburns and moustache area. The procedure can also be done to cover acne and scars in these areas. For hair loss in these areas, the implantation of hair follicles taken from the donor site provides a permanent solution. It is possible to experience loss of hair root due to genetics, needle epilation, laser epilation, burns, and surgery. Beard transplantation can be done to increase the density of the hair roots in the region and to implant hair in areas that are completely hairless. The goal is to create a natural-looking beard.

Is beard transplantation performed with hair transplantation?

If the patient who will undergo a beard transplantation wishes to undergo a hair transplantation as well, the patient should be evaluated carefully. Hair follicles in the donor area should be examined in detail. By calculating the hair follicles extracted from this region for both hair and beard, a suitable planning should be made. Implantation should be done without damaging the hair follicles and wasting them. In addition, the hair follicle suitable for beard transplantation and those for hair should be separated accordingly. Hair and beard transplantation can be performed simultaneously by making the correct colour separation of the hair follicles.

How Much Are Beard Transplantation Prices?

Beard Transplantation Prices depend on the amount of graft transferred, the center where the transplantation is performed and the doctor performing the procedure. varies according to skill and experience. In addition, the patient’s price issue is secondary. focusing on his own health and the desired result, doing his research within this framework, would also be beneficial.


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Beard Transplant Frequently Asked Questions
How Many Roots Are Used in Beard Transplantation?
The number of roots to be used in this regard may differ from person to person. The density of the beard desired to be created or the number of roots needed to close it if it is missing are decisive. But in general terms; 250 – 700 roots are needed for the cheek area, 150 – 250 roots for the sideburn area, and 550 – 700 roots for the chin area.
Is There Any Pain During Beard Transplantation?
During this procedure, no pain or pain, or a reaction of the body has been encountered yet. However, in order for the anesthesia to show its full effect, the person should pay attention to the warnings given by the physician before the beard transplant.
How Does the Beard Transplantation Healing Process Work?
The first 2 days after the operation are very important. At the end of 2 days, people can engage in physical and sports activities, provided that they are not too challenging. The healing process can take up to 7 days on average. After the application, small crusts may be seen around the newly planted roots, but they will fall off in a short time. After 15 days on average, hair loss is seen on the ends of the transplanted roots, this is a normal process. Usually after 90 days these hairs will start to grow again.
How Long Does Beard Transplantation Take?
This situation may also vary depending on the size and sparseness of the area to be transplanted on the face of the person, the density to be achieved and the density of the hair follicle that can be taken from the donor area. But in general, there are application times ranging from 2 to 5 hours.
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