Beard Transplant

Few years ago there wasn’t any treatment for beard hair fall but today by transplanting grafts any person can restore his previous outward appearance and it’s easy to get good appearance because the operation will be done by FUE technique with is transplanting grafts to areas with light hair or scars areas.

The most important in hair transplant is to get natural look, beard density and graft’s quality related to genetic structure but Alopecia and wound scars or burning scars are all damaging factors of grafts but they are not genetic.

Beard hair transplant starts by drawing implantation lines according to the face features of the patient the channels opening in the implantation area. Then taking the grafts from the donor area as much as need the putting them in the opened channels by a tool with special head then covering the donor area with bandage.

Usually no scars will be left in the donor area after the surgery but the donor area look dark red because of blood curds which happens during transplantation then cleaning this blood after first bandage changing and the implanted hair falls temporarily after two weeks of the operation then after that the hair grows again permanently.