Hair Transplant Without Shaving


A lots of the ones who suffer of hair fall and would like to implant. But when they hear about hair shaving they sort of cancel the idea and he will exclude that. But the technologies advanced and it is now possible to do the surgery without shaving their hair. For the one who don’t want to shave their hair for transplantation they have to let it get long because some parts of the donor area will be shaved and it will be covered with long hair. In long hair transplantation we use FUE technique.

In the beginning we identify the receiver area with the specialist surgeons choosing the strongest grafts and the best for implantation after that preparing the grafts to be implanted then implant it with way could give it natural look.

The advantage of this technique is that it improves donor area recovering fast and returning the patient to his normal  life very soon. With this technique waiting duration will be very little.