Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

This technique, also known as a new hair transplantation technique, is obtained from the crystal stone of the sapphire element which is naturally found in nature. Sapphire FUE; is the name of the technique used to open the hair transplantation channels.

The channels are opened with sapphire blades made from natural sapphire crystal. It is a method that does not harm the skin texture. Since the hair transplantation performed with sapphire gives less damage to the hair texture, the bleeding is less, and the recovery time is faster.

There is less damage to the skin in the channels opened with sapphire,

The healing period is faster because the skin is less damaged in the channels opened with sapphire,

Bleeding is much less in the channels opened with sapphire because the skin is less damaged.

More frequent channels can be opened with sapphire technique. Therefore, hair transplantation becomes more natural,

In sapphire tipped hair transplantation, the channels are opened by selecting the custom-made tips in accordance with the hair thickness and skin texture of the patient who will have hair transplantation with the help of special tips varying from person to person.

Titanium-handle and sapphire tip grooving technique is the preferred method of hair transplantation centers specialized and experienced only in the field of hair transplantation.

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